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Numeracy 123 Stages 1 – 7
Numeracy  123 Stages 1 – 7 is aligned to the New Zealand Numeracy Project. It comprehensively covers the Strategy and Knowledge objectives that are taught in New Zealand schools.

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Advantages of Numeracy 123:

  • Provides over 2000 printable work and answer sheets.
  • Provides a resource that can be displayed on the interactive whiteboard.
  • Makes Numeracy as simple as possible by giving clear Learning Intentions, instructions, examples and pictures.
  • Makes teachers’ planning easy by giving overviews and clearly numbering all sheets with the Numeracy Stage and page numbers.
  • Makes activities simple for students to follow by using the same language as is used in the classroom.
  • Separates sheets into Strategy and Knowledge at all Stages.
  • The site licence covers all computers used within the school, including teachers’ lap-tops.

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