NZ Story Problems Disc Stages 2-7


Story Problems Stages 2 – 7

Numeracy 123 Story Problems are aligned to the New Zealand Numeracy Project.  The Story Problems disc includes worksheets that can be printed, viewed on the computer or used on an interactive whiteboard.

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Each sheet contains 10 story problems that require different strategies to solve them, at a particular stage. To answer story problems correctly, students must use the strategies that are taught for Stages 2 – 7. Students are encouraged to show their workings so teachers can see what strategies have been used.

Included on the disc are:

  • Overviews of strategies for  Stages 2 –  7
  • Placement test
  • Story problem sheets for each individual Learning Intention at each Stage
  • 20 story problem sheets with story pictures for Stages 2 – 3
  • 40 story problem sheets with avatars for Stages 4 – 7
  • 40 story problem sheets without avatars Stages 4 – 7
  • Colour coded answer sheets

Each story problem has a story picture (Stages 2 – 3) or an avatar (Stages 4 – 7). When a student answers a problem correctly the picture or avatar can be cut out and glued onto the appropriate square of their overview sheet. This shows at a glance what areas a student hasn’t covered or is having difficulty with. A non-avatar version is also included ( Stages  4 – 7 ).
Numeracy 123 Story Problems includes 459 pages in full colour.

Individual Learning Intention sheets give students an opportunity to practise solving story problems using one strategy.

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