Frequently Asked Questions

How do students who are new to school read the story problems?

On the story problem sheets at the early Stages, there is a picture beside each problem to give the students a clue to what the story is about. The language used in the early story problems is simple and contains many high frequency words.

How do teachers know what strategy the students have used to solve the story problems?

Students need to show their workings for each story problem in the way they have been taught in the classroom e.g using number lines or writing equations out in full so teachers can see what strategy has been used.

Will using story problems in the classroom improve students understanding of the strategies they have been working on?

Over time students may forget strategies they have been taught previously. Each story problem sheet covers the different strategies that are taught at that particular Stage therefore students are revising strategies each time they complete a story problem sheet.

How do I know what sheet to give the students?

When students are moved onto a new Stage they have not yet learned the strategies at their new level, therefore until students are approximately half way through a Stage they should work on the story problem sheets at their previous level. This will also ensure that students are revising strategies they have previously been taught. The placement test, that is included, is another way to check where students are best to start.

What are the advantages of using story problems in the classroom?

In Numeracy it is important that students are able to apply the strategies they have learned into solving story problems about everyday life situations. Many students find it difficult being able to read a story problem and understand what is being asked. Using story problem sheets require students to read a problem, understand what is being asked and then record the answer showing the most appropriate strategy that they have learned.

How do I use story problems in the classroom?

Sheets may be photocopied from the book or printed from the disc for students to write on or to read and then record answers in a book. Using the disc, students are able to view sheets on a computer or on an interactive whiteboard.

What are the advantages of using the avatars?

Different avatars have been allocated to different strategies. If a student answers a question correctly they can cut out the avatar and glue it onto their overview sheet. Teachers can easily see which strategies don’t have an avatar, indicating that the student is either having difficulty with that strategy or hasn’t covered it yet. Using avatars also gives students a challenge, to solve problems correctly and fill their overview sheet.

Do answer sheets show teachers the strategies that should have been used?

Answer sheets are colour coded, showing teachers the most appropriate strategy that could have been used. There are sometimes more than one strategy that could be used to solve a problem so teachers can decide which strategy is best for their students.

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